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About MiraclePlus Accelerator Application

the 2023 Fall Accelerator

MiraclePlus 2023 Fall Accelerator is open for applications

1. The application for the 2023 Fall Accelerator will be closed at 8 pm on June 12, 2023. The application for the program is open all year round. The earlier you apply, the sooner you'll get the feedback

2. If we think your startup meets our standards, we expect to invite you to have an interview with us in Beijing/East China/Shenzhen/online before September 1, 2023. The interview will arranged from June to August 2023

3. After meeting with all the invited startups, we expect to confirm the list of startups we will invest in August

4. We will invite the accepted founders and key team members to participate in a three-month Accelerator in Beijing from September to November 2023. After that, if necessary, founders can relocate their companies to other cities

5. MiraclePlus will not provide offices. We expect that you and your team members work where you live. Many successful companies start this way , and it has been proved to be the ideal path for startups. However, we also have temporary office available for early start-ups

6. MiraclePlus will not charge fees. We ultimately get rewarded by purchasing shares, and our program does not charge fees

7. If you have any problems during the application process, please consult our MiraclePlus assistant (see the QR code on the right), or email

Apply for the 2023 Fall Accelerator

How We Select Startups

How do we select startups to invest in?

No matter where your startup is in China, and whether your startup intends to build a mobile application or focuses on cancer diagnosis, we are willing to provide you with funding

We're willing to fund startups with just one idea, as well as companies with over $20 million in annual revenue and more than 50 employees

Applicants must own at least 5% of the equity to be considered a founder by MiraclePlus. Only the founders are entitled to participate in the interview. After passing the interview, they will participate in the 3-month program