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Like a co-founder, we provide the most valuable acceleration service for early stage founders

MiraclePlus invests and accelerates many start-up teams twice a year, each with 300,000 US dollars or equivalent RMB

After the investment, MiraclePlus's partners work intensively with the founders for three months, and help each team to reach tip-top condition so that they can be ready for thousands of investors on Demo Day

Miracles don’t just happen on Demo Day. MiraclePlus Alumni Community is always there to help members, supporting each founder to better realize their original aspiration and dreams of entrepreneurship

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The Next Batch for MiraclePlus Will Take Place from September to November 2024 Both in Beijing & Remotely

The program is held twice a year, and we provide initial funding for start-up teams in the early stages. After admission, these teams will come to Beijing to participate in a three-month Accelerator Program. International startups have the choice to participate remotely

We help companies to start from scratch, and to achieve the most critical stage - finding the product market fit. During the process, we work intensively to improve products with funders. Besides, we provide the needed help and resources in sales, strategy, management, and other crucial aspects. As a result, we help funders to embark on the path of rapid growth

Three months later, on the closing day, which is also Demo Day, we bring together the top global venture capital firms and angel investors to support our companies. Startups can introduce their companies and present their achievements to investors so that they can quickly get the next round of funding

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The three-month program is a highly intensive, hands-on program that helps founders quickly find product market fit

Every week, there is a one-on-one Office hour meeting in which we give suggestions on various problems in foundership, covering market entry, technology, product, teams, financing, strategy, and many other aspects, to provide founders with real, targeted, and high-quality feedback

Group office hour, in-person discussion activity, is organized twice a month for founders to form a community culture. At the same time, we also have closed-door sharing with big names, which will never be shared outside. We learn from the first-hand experience and lessons of foregoers who have started their businesses successfully and understand the ups and downs of their journey

We help startups to find resources (business opportunities, recruitment, etc.). We help founders build in-depth connections with Tier 1 companies in relevant industries on aspects of businesses, cooperative opportunities, and industrial information sharing

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Demo Day is the graduation ceremony of the batch. On Demo Day, you can meet the best angel investors and VC investment firms in China. Thousands of investors will be present at each Demo Day, and you can show your project on the stage like a star. After that, you will be followed with interest by hundreds of investors until there’s no space for new contacts in your WeChat list. This would greatly improve the speed and efficiency of your fundraising

At the beginning of the three-month program, the startups we funded were all at different stages, and some even had completely changed their ideas after the camp. Therefore, the goal of Demo Day is to get startups on stage to present their products and services as convincingly as possible

During and after Demo Day, founders are free to have more in-depth conversations with investors. The goal of startups is to introduce themselves to everyone. In most cases, a series of meetings will be arranged afterward to persuade the investor to close investments

Demo Day

The mentors of the MiraclePlus foundership Team include Lu Qi, Luan Yunming, Mao Shengbo, Cao Xuwen, and other professionals in different fields of technology and entrepreneurship. Based on our extensive products and technical experience accumulated in the industry, we provide founders with more targeted suggestions and help start-up teams avoid making mistakes

Meanwhile, during the two-day group activities every two weeks, closed-door sharing by top-level guest entrepreneurs would also be arranged. As it is a completely closed-door sharing, video and audio recordings are forbidden, which ensures that the guests can share what is really helpful to founders without reservation. These A-list celebrities come to share the pitfalls they have stepped on and the promotion of their minds. We can also see their profound insights into business and the direction of their own efforts, which would bring great inspiration and guidance to the students of the batch in the future

Closed-door Sharing

We treat startups equally whether they are successful or not. Adhering to the principle of giving priority to founders, we help to make various decisions and overcome challenges faced by startups from the perspective of service providers

We don’t ask founders to make any decisions contrary to their interests. Any choice that is in favor of founders would bring benefits to MiraclePlus. Anything that is unfair to our start-up team would be unfair to MiraclePlus and our community

Code of Conduct