About MiraclePlus

May 2024

Our Mission

MiraclePlus provides initial funding for startups. Our goal is to help founders take the first step and accelerate startup development

Start-up funding is the earliest stages of venture capital, which allows you to get your startup concept off the ground and covers the basic costs for you. Some startups may only need seed round funding, while others may receive several rounds of funding. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to funding - it all depends on the type of your startup

At MiraclePlus, we will help you develop products that are good enough to be successful in the market

More Than Just funding

We invest the initial funding in exchange for a small stake in the startup's equity

Every venture capitalist more or less provides you with money and help. As far as MiraclePlus is concerned, startup capital always plays a supporting role. Many of the startups we invest in don't need funding at all, and other founders in need can use the money to cover their basic daily living expenses.

What happens at MiraclePlus? Our most important job is to polish founders' own business ideas with them. Everyone in MiraclePlus has the hacker spirit. We spend most of our time thinking about how to create products that people want. Therefore, when someone has a start-up idea, we can usually quickly tell if it has potential and in which direction it will go to help the original idea gain more value

Startup teams usually face various problems in the early stage, as small as how to name the company, or as big as how to make a plan to conquer the world in the future. That's why we are here to help founders find answers to these questions during the three-month program

For some teams in their early stage, we also help the startup teams we invest in to register companies legally and formally, and help build connections with some valuable resources provided by the local government. We also guide them to understand all legal documents and fill in them correctly. This is to avoid serious unknown risks to the company's funding caused by time consumption and uncertainties on legal problems. We also introduce the founding teams to some great law firms. Moreover, it's almost a part of our daily routine to help our teams find their first suitable employees

We also help answer questions about intellectual property rights, such as what products are suitable for applying for patents, when to register patents, and so on. We are also good at dealing with something that is less publicly discussed, that is, disputes between founders. Few startups think they'll use this service, but most startups will need it at some point

The experience and services we can provide to you are priceless


We recruit a certain number of startup teams twice a year, and fund each startup initial capital. We have two Batch Programs each year in spring and autumn respectively

To apply for the Batch Program, you only need to fill out the Application Form. We invite selected teams to come to Beijing for interviews. After the interviews, we make a decision on whether to invest in these teams

We expect most of the team members in each team that we decide to invest in, at least the CEO, to participate in activities in Beijing during the three-month Batch Program. During this period, the founders (or teams) need to participate in GOH (Group Office Hour) every two weeks to discuss and analyze the progress and problems of their own projects. They can make unlimited appointments with any of our partners and experts to discuss and analyze various special problems of their startups (Office Hour)

During the period in the program, we organize a closed-door supper every week at MiraclePlus. We invite a senior entrepreneur to share some of his/her own experience during each supper. Speakers are usually company founders, venture capitalists, journalists, and executives of well-known technology companies. Later, the speaker may often become an advisor or investor to some of the teams that participate in the supper

Around the 10th week of the batch, we hold a Demo Day that lasts for two days. All startups participating in the program need to present their products and services to a group of investors and media audiences specially invited by MiraclePlus

Investment in a batch of startup teams is a win-win model. We can obtain a huge alumni network resource and use it to help startup teams in more ways. This includes providing basic test users and feedback, finding a landing spot in an unfamiliar city, finding programmers to help with bugs in your system, and recommending people resources. There is a big chance that someone in this network will be able to help you


We believe that the most valuable output of a founder is that he/she spends his/her time solving actual problems. Therefore, our goal is to create an environment where you can fully focus on developing products and communicating with users

We won't interfere with operations, shareholder structures, or the management of any startup team we invest in, and we don’t even think about controlling the startup. We give suggestions, but we don't force any team to adopt and implement them. The pursuit of “independence” is one of the reasons why many founders choose to start a business, and it’s one of the reasons why startup teams can succeed

Why is our mechanism so flexible? Because we want to be the first choice for all startups when it comes to seed round funding. In order to achieve this goal, we must set an example and do our best at every step