Code of Conduct for Founders of MiraclePlus

March 2019

The core of MiraclePlus is the community made of founders, a human network built on mutual trust

The founder community is strong because its members share common values, such as integrity, trustworthiness, and treating people with respect and responsibility. We believe these traits are necessary for good founders. The longevity and value of the founder community depend on the integrity of each member. Unethical behavior by founders will damage the credibility of the community

We expect all founders of MiraclePlus to adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • Walk the talk, including respecting verbal agreements, contractual obligations, etc
  • It is forbidden to divulge non-public or confidential information (including information from MiraclePlus and MiraclePlus, and startups in the founder community)
  • Respect intellectual property rights, do not infringe on the technical or commercial secrets of former employers and other third parties.
  • Keep integrity in the applications and interviews of MiraclePlus
  • Information shared within the founder community (e.g. e-mails, correspondence) is considered confidential and should not be shared with founders, investors, or media outside the community
  • Respect partners and employees, and distribute benefits fairly
  • No fraudulent or illegal sales tactics shall be used to improve performance
  • Prohibit harassment or intimidation to other founders, members of the founder community, and employees of the company
  • Be honest with investors and partners
  • Value the investment received to the greatest extent. The funds must only be used to promote the development of the company
  • Take social responsibility and ensure that your startup's privacy and security issues are resolved in a timely and appropriate manner
  • As a member of the founder community, you need to refrain from actions that may cause damage to your company or the reputation of MiraclePlus
  • Use of the name and trademark of MiraclePlus appropriately and comply with all relevant terms
  • Behave professionally and politely, and neither be servile nor be overbearing

To maintain the integrity of our community, if we find any founder's unethical behavior during or after the Batch Program, we will disqualify he/she from MiraclePlus. It includes banning him/her from using the venue, software, and information of MiraclePlus and from participating in the events of MiraclePLus. Depending on the circumstances, the founders of a startup as a whole may be held responsible for the unethical behavior of one of its co-founders or employees

For founders with good morals, no matter what difficulties your startup encounters, we will always support you and walk with you